A second post

Just to check out where a second post ends up. Really, the first post got it all out there. Now it’s up to the second post to keep it going. No press. Thought I’d maybe add a random image too, you know. But I wonder if I can get it to wrap. It may just not happen. I guess I have to keep typing and see what happens. Okay. This works a bit. I’ll just keep on typing until wee get all the way down past the bottom of the image and then we’ll see what happens to the text, if it wraps or whut up homes.

Chapter 0: The Zeroth Spy

On Monday, find  she had accused me of Treachery.

“I have spies” she said.

“Spies for my spies. Spies who spy on my spies”.

“In fact, viagra 100mg ” I said casually, medicine “I know this. How could you not, in this business. You have to keep current or else it gets embarrassing. But take it from me, your Number One Spy. I had nothing to do with this.”

She laughed, ever so slightly, then regarded me with a strange probing head-tilt.

She had been leaning against her desk, half sitting, half standing. In one smooth movement she sat up on the desktop, with perfect knees emerging from that delicate black skirt, one leg crossed over the other, one pump dangling archly on hidden, forbidden toes. Now she shifted her weight slightly, reaching back to get a bright green folder from the top of a pile of bright green folders by her in basket. She opened the folder up and leafed through the contents. She informed me that she had a spy even higher up than me.

A Number Zero Spy. A Zeroth Spy.

 I clenched my jaw and ripples ran through my face, setting my glasses afloat on fleshy waves of uncertainty. The room began to heave about, and I attempted to calmly level my field of vision.

“You have a Zeroth Spy,” I scoffed.

 I placed my hand on top of the leather chair in a vain attempt to appear unaffected. My arm was a toothpick trembling to support my teetering countenance.

“I have no time for this Zeroth Spy Talk. I tire of this.” I turned to go.

And then:

 “Elizabeth is my Zeroth Spy.”

 Well I had just told Elizabeth everything.

The smug satisfaction of my previous evening with Lizbeth began morphing into a stinging sweat that crept slowly up my neck and into my hairline.

“Elizabeth, you say.” She hadn’t seemed in any way a Zeroth Spy to me.


I inched for the door.